PRS Manchester supply or supply and install the following units

  • Nuaire Drimaster
  • Nuaire Drimaster 2000
  • Nuaire Drimaster 365
  • Nuaire Drimaster Heat

Nuaire Drimaster Positive Input Ventilation & Heat Recovery Range

The Nuaire Drimaster range of positive input fans with heat recovery are compact, loft mounted, low energy air moving devices that continuously input filtered fresh air into your home from outside.

The only ‘visible’ component when installed is the central input diffuser, which is usually located in the central hallway/stairwell ceiling.

 Some of the benefits of owning a Nuaire Drimaster Positive Input Ventilation & Heat Recovery Range system

  • Nuaire Drimaster units can treat the cause of a condensation problem before damage is done.
  • The Drimaster units are exceptionally quiet.
  • Nuaire Drimaster units cost around 1-2 pence a day to run
  • Nuaire Drimaster units come with a 5 year warranty! (1st year parts & labour, remaining 4 years parts only)
  • 5 year maintenance free filters
  • Air quality inside your home can improve dramatically (good for asthma & hay fever sufferers)
  • All Nuaire Drimaster units make use of solar heat gained from the roof space

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