PRS provide specialist repairs to all structural problems in buildings, with experience in repairing structural defects to all types of remedial property.

Structural Repairs and Restraint Using Helical Bar and Resin

This definition covers a great number of structural repair techniques that can be utilised to repair or restrain masonry walls with Helical bar. Unwanted movement can occur in buildings for a great many reasons, these may include.

  • Inadequately restrained or failed wall ties
  • Ground movement by subsidence.
  • Movement brought on by water ingress and timber decay into the structure.
  • Failed lintels or building materials.
  • Movement fatigue and ground heave.
  • Mechanical impact or disturbance.

Some of these are of a minor nature and remedial repairs are carried out as standard practise, where the damage is of a major occurrence a structural surveyor may be required to make a full survey and issue recommendation for repairs.

The repair techniques that can be adopted may include the use of structural wall ties and Helical bar restraints.

These types of structural repairs should always be specified and supervised by a trained and competent surveyor and in the case of major works a structural engineer. Any installations must be undertaken by an experienced specialist contractor.