A basement, also popularly known as a cellar, is an underground storey consisting of one or more underground floors of a building, which are partially or completely below the ground level of your property. These parts of a property are popular for serving as wine cellars or underground storage rooms or in-house workshops and libraries. What can a cold and dark basement add to your property? A basement can increase the value of your property considerably, especially; if you are located in space-poor and expensive locations such as the inner-city zones.

It is arguably true that adding a cellar to your commercial or residential property whether through excavation or through the conversion of an existent basement can be an expensive venture. The cost is often high because of excavation, waterproofing, and many other design intricacies such as plumbing and ventilation re-design. But the essential question is: will a basement conversion increase the value of your property in the long run?

What a basement conversion can do to your property in terms of value is indeed astounding. Unlike the conversion of your property’s loft space that invariably leads to the making of an extra en-suite bathroom or living space, a basement conversion provides a scope for the extension of your living spaces within your property without acquiring more ground square footage. Adding an extra room to your property through basement conversion may increase the price of your property by an estimated 20% based on estimate from property valuation experts.

Property valuation is more about the living space and its square footage than many other property specifics. Whether you are looking for more space for an additional delightful living space to host a party, a bedroom, a kids’ play room, a larger kitchen, or even a cinema for watching your favourite movies, using the space beneath your property by making a basement conversion can provide additional space to accommodate any of these desired spaces.

So, how does a basement conversion increase the value of your property?

You have made a basement conversion and made additional square footage on your property, but how then do you add value to the basement and property as a whole? Firstly, you have to ensure that the basement space is well-ventilated and lit. Natural lighting is often the best. Basically, for the space to be comfily occupied it doesn’t have to feel like it is underground. You could harness natural outdoor lighting from above the ground to make the space seem like a continuation of your other living spaces. An external outlet, perhaps onto the lawn or garden with an additional entry point makes the basement more desirable as a value addition element. In addition, these features ensure more natural light gets in, and not mention the possibility of having cool and ambient garden views of the exteriors.

Basement conversion is an ideal way to upgrade your property because it provides limitless options, which may include the creation of space for an underground swimming pool, a basement gym, library, office, bar, a mini cinema theatre, den, store, or wine cellar – just to mention, but a few.

Why follow the basement conversion path as a way to increase property value?

– It is a very cost effective property value improvement option because you don’t have to acquire more physical space.
– It increases square footage of your rooms and livings spaces affordably.

– It improves the saleability of your property.

– It costs relatively less than most other property value improvements such as renovations.

– Basement conversion also helps you in ensuring that your property achieves its ultimate potential in terms of value.

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