If your lift pit is leaking and looks like this lift pit (below) you need specialist help from Professional Remedial Services.


Leaking Lift Pits and construction joints can be repaired using a range of products, the problem is most have fixings in the wall which can result in water ingress even after coatings have been applied.

The application of structural water proofing coatings and migratory water proofing chemicals can be very successful and are often tried in the first instance. If this is not fully successful there are options such as Structural water proofing resin injection, using single component or twin component systems. These are very costly and are very often only used where other methods have failed. As they are often integral to the structure, resin injection can stop running water under pressures far above the pressure resistance of standard water stop cement products used in surface application.

Professional Remedial Services have a range of products to suit all these types of situation, our expertise has resulted in many successful structural water proofing of Lift pits, LV pits, failed construction joints and even curtain injection structural waterproofing to stop walls leaking.

The Problem Wall requiring Structural Waterproofing

This picture shows the original leaking wall, at the time of the works this was relatively dry due to the lack of rain at this time. Heavy rain resulted in a consistent flow of water through the wall. The visible damp staining shows the water ingress, this limited area would suggest that the external wall has had some sort of water proofing and this section appears to have failed.

The Preparation for Structural Waterproofing

In this picture you can see that the wall has been drilled out at suitable spacings and injection packers installed to inject the resin into the wall.

The Solution for Structural waterproofing

The damp stains to the  wall show the areas where the resin has come to the surface through the block wall, the rest of this section has been saturate and linked within the structure forming a curtain of injected material to the whole structure in the area of injection. This has prevented further water ingress by sealing the area, forming the structural waterproofing.

The Finished Wall

As the injection does stain the surface this can be unsightly  in areas where they are used for general occupation. To tidy up the face of the wall a slurry tanking system is applied. Once dried this can be paint over to suit the area. In plant rooms etc this is not necessarily required but does make a visually acceptable finish.

The Equipment

You can see the twin pump set up ready for use, the resin used for this project was GL95 The packers are visible, and the twin packs are in position connect ready for use the third drum is water for flushing the system through.