If your lift pit is leaking and looks like this lift pit (below) you need specialist help from Professional Remedial Services.

Leaking Lift Pit?

PRS can transform your leaking lift pit to a dry clean safe condition like the picture of the lift pit below.
Professional Remedial Services have a range of water proofing products that can be applied to the surface of your lift pit or resins to inject into the fabric of the substrate to seal and dry out the lift shaft base and walls.
The process is to identify the point where the water is leaking into the lift pit or elevator shaft and then decided is the water should be removed by pumping or the water prevented from ingessing the lift pit at all. The decision on repair methods are often based on trying the cheaper alternatives first and moving onto more costly alterantives if required. Our inital repair solutions and process is based so that inital costs are not wasted and often the inital diagnosis proves leads to economical solutions to rectify  the leaking lift pit.