Glebe lane estate in Winsford Cheshire consists of timber framed houses with brick and cladding out leaf, the properties are to be upgrades with a rendered insulation system. Much of the estate has poor cavity wall ties that required upgrading to enable the additional weight of the insulation system to be installed.

To tie the walls the Thor CD tie has been used on these 200+ properties to tie the timber frame to the brickwork to prevent any further movement following upgrading. The CD cavity wall tie is a screw type tie that is fitted via a pilot hole in the outer leaf and directly into the inner timber studding. The Drive tie cuts into the brickwork and into the timber frame like a traditional screw fitting with out the need for resin or addition securing. The CD tie is driven be a simple driving tool into the pre drilled hole and then into the timber as one driven action.

In the picture (above) you can see on the brickwork bed joint some abortive holes where the studding is off centre, one of the problems with locating concealed timber studding in timber framed property.

The simple drive action on these new wall ties make them ideal for speedy effective installation in timber framed and brick construction.