External wall insulation, render systems specialist based in the UK.

External Insulated Render Applied

The use of an insulated render system to increase the thermal efficiency of solid masonry buildings is an increasingly popular way of cutting heating bills and reducing condensation.

Thermal Insulating Renders improve the occupiers living conditions without loosing space to the internal rooms of the property.

Angles and anomalies are easily dealt with by our experience rendering team, enabling a full render insulated system to the whole wall.

The insulation is fixed to the walls using special permanent plastic insulation fixings (PRS use the Insofast range)

The two or three thin coats of render is then applied. The finish is available in a wide range of colours and can even be made to look like brick work.

The property to the side is the old party wall where a subsiding property was demolished, the original render was allowing water penetration and excessive heat loss. The new insulated render system solved all the issues and the tenants are delighted with the final result.

The system PRS installed in this project is supplied by Wetherby Building Systems Ltd.

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