Cavity Drain Central Drain

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Technical Information

This system offers an alternate solution to the more traditional methods of drainage commonly utilised in basement projects, in association with the use and installation of a cavity drain membrane to the walls and floors. Traditionally a drainage channel (AQUA CHANNEL) or perforated pipework (AQUA DRAIN) would be laid around the ‘perimeter’ of the basement at the wall / floor junction. On occasions the traditional method of associated drainage can be a cause of concern in relation to its position or proximity to the wall foundations or in the case of older properties the brickwork ‘spreader course(s)’. The use of the CENTRAL DRAIN drainage system can eliminate any such concerns as the system utilises 110mm pipework which can be situated away from the wall / floor junction.

In NEW BUILD PROJECTS the 110mm pipework is laid to slight falls and connected to the sump chamber prior to the installation of the new floor structure ie any hardcore / concrete base slab. Initially the collection upstand pipes project well above the proposed base slab finished level. Following the insallation of the base slab the collection upstand pipes are cut flush with the top of the base slab, after which the cavity drain floor membrane (BLG 20) can be laid.

In REFURBISHMENT PROJECTS the system is installed exactly as above following excavation and removal of the original floor etc.

Obviously the system can be designed to suit various property layouts or building designs, on occasions various factors may result in a variation to the specification detailed above. Additional provision must also be made for flushing out / future maintenance of the system.

Within the PLANS & DRAWINGS section of the website there are numerous cross section drawings detailing the above system.