Pre-Purchase Damp Timber and Wall Ties Surveys

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Specialist Damp, Timber and Cavity Wall Tie Reports for Mortgages to all area of Manchester and Cheshire

You’re buying your dream home, you’ve agreed a price with the vendors, your mortgage company have sent the chartered surveyor to inspect and value the property, you wait for the report with trepidation and then you are informed that among other issues there is a request for a specialist survey for damp, timber, wall ties and possibly Japanese knotweed. Often these are standard paragraphs, advising that these specialist areas are checked. These issues may be beyond the surveyor’s area of expertise, but are issues that are observed and highlighted for the purchaser’s protection. So you now needs an independent report as guidance to see if there are defects that require attention or not. This is completely different to obtaining an estimate as you are not sure if there is any work to be done, you are protecting your financial investment in the property.

What is a per-purchase Damp, Timber and Wall tie Survey?

A pre-purchase damp, timber and wall tie specialist inspection carried out by a Professional Remedial Services surveyor will cover everything you need (and the mortgage company’s) to know with regards these type of potential costly defects.

  • Inspection for Rising Damp & penetrating damp
  • Inspect the wooden floors for Dry and wet rot treatment and beetle infestation
  • Assess whether sub floor ventilation is adequate
  • Inspect the roof timbers for Dry and Wet rot and beetle infestation
  • Pass comments on the visible condition of roof coverings and rainwater goods
  • Inspect the property for signs of any condensation and mold related issues
  • Inspect the basement or cellar for signs of water ingress & ventilation
  • Pass comment on the general condition of the building
  • A cavity wall tie inspection to establish the level of corrosion.
  • Check the lintels above the windows.

All the above are of course subject to your instruction and requirements as necessary for your purchase. The most important aspect for any survey is whether access within the property is available, surveys will always be limited by things such as dry lining, laminate floor coverings and carpets etc.

However we use none destructive testing with mini cameras, endoscopes and dual mode moisture meters to try and see as much of a property during a survey as we possibly can.

The chances are that you’ve had to pay for a mortgage valuation, (this is for your bank or building society’s benefit), or you might have paid for a chartered surveyor to carry out a ‘home buyers report’. If a damp, timber and or wall tie report has been specified as a result of these reports this is because the surveyor has identified a potential problem that needs further investigation by a specialist. A suitable example is that you go to your GP with a problem, if he or she isn’t sure how to deal with it they will refer you to a consultant who specialises in the specific problem.

Nothing in life is free! So In a word YES, PRS will make a reasonable charge based upon the scope of the required survey and depends on the area, the size of the property and what you want us to inspect, costs usually range between £40 – £250.

The fee is dependant on the property size and extent of the survey required. PRS charge for the simple reason that if there isn’t a problem (i.e. an opportunity for us to quote for work) we will tell you.  Most importantly, if we think a job does NOT need doing  – then we’ll tell you! so you get an opinion not a sales pitch. As such our report is independant of cover the need to cover the cost by finding work to be undertaken. We view you as a client to be given best advice.

A company doing free damp and timber surveys still needs to cover their cost, how do they do this? there is no free lunch!

All of our surveyors hold the CSRT (Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments) industry qualification, and our specialist below ground water proofing surveyor holds the CSSW (Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing) qualification, PRS are also members of the Property Care Association (PCA) and therefore have achieved the high standards required of membership and are vetted on a regular basis to ensure these standards are met.The company has traded since 1981, PRS have guarantees that have run their duration for 20/30 years, PRS offer insurance protection for the guarantees via the Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI) is the guarantee offered by others as safe as ours? PRS through the PCA offer the Trust mark standard.

Pre-purchase Japanese knotweed report

We can also combine a damp, timber or wall tie report with a Japanese knotweed infestation report or as a stand alone report. For more information on this subject and costs please contact us.

Electrcial Installation Condition Report, Gas CP12 safety inspection

Should you require either of these additional inspections they can be arranged through PRS as part of our service. The inspection are carried out by our qualified sub contractors usually at the time of the other required surveys. This service is only available in conjunction with any direct PRS survey.

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